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2 Ltr

One case contain 6 pcs. with MRP 25/- inclusive all taxes.

1 Ltr

One case contain 12 pcs. with MRP 18/- inclusive all taxes.

500 ML

One case contain 24 pcs. with MRP 10/- inclusive all taxes.

300 ML

  • One case contain 30 pcs.
  • MRP 7/- inclusive all taxes.
  • About Us

    Plabo is a packaged drinking water product from Karubaki Enterprises, an initiative by few young entrepreneurs committed for ethical business and environmental sustainability.

    The water in Plabo is as natural, pure and safe as the drinking water supposed be for being the critical life force. Plabo not just a drinking water to quench your thirst but a feeling that makes you feel full. This feeling comes from our effort to ensure that all our products leaving the factory gate meet all the standards of packaged drinking water and quality benchmarks.

    We care for nature and work towards least carbon footprints from our production process. We care for every drop of precious natural water we use and strive for resource use efficiency. This makes Plabo not only safe, pure and trustworthiness as a packaged drinking water but also make our customers feel contended to use an eco-friendly product.

    The name PLABO has its roots in Odia words related to water….Plaba (meaning to float), Plaban (meaning flood), Plabita (meaning immersed or flooded). PLABO is born out of dream of the young entrepreneurs to make available a quality packaged drinking water in affordable prices to one and all. The Team PLABO dares to look beyond big brands and strongly believes in the product quality rather than building the brand name. Our commitment for environmental sustainability is not just limited to low carbon production process and resource use efficiency but also a range of conservation initiatives like tree plantation, rain water harvesting structures, awareness among children and youth about caring the Mother Nature. This makes PLABO green.

    Our Process

    Every single drop of water that drips into a bottle of PLABO has to go through a stringent 9 step purification process.

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